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BKD Develops Strategies to Help You Take Advantage of Benefits Within the Tax Law

Changes in tax laws are one of the few constants of American life. Every change adds a new layer of complexity to an already complicated process. At BKD, our tax consultants work full time to keep up with these changes. We develop strategies to help you take advantage of benefits within the tax law and reduce your tax burden.

This forward-looking approach to developing advantageous tax strategies allows you to plan for the future. And because virtually every financial decision can have tax implications, careful tax planning can make a big difference in the final outcome.

BKD prepares thousands of tax returns annually for individuals, businesses, trusts, and tax-exempt entities. Beyond our compliance services, we provide a variety of tax planning and consulting services.

Tax Advisor

The resources found on this page were created to help you get up to speed on the latest happenings within the tax world, assist you with crucial year-end planning decisions, and provide helpful reminders for the year ahead.

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Record Retention Guidelines

The retention periods apply to records needed to substantiate your federal income tax return and are based on the federal statute of limitations, which is normally three years. This means the IRS could audit your return up to three years from the due date of the tax return or the date of filing, whichever is later. However, if you substantially underreport income, fail to file a return, or file a fraudulent return, the statute of limitations could be much longer.

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Tax Reform News & Information

2017年12月22日,主席唐纳德·j·特朗普斯gned the tax legislation informally known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law. BKD’s trusted tax advisors are here to clarify the revised tax code and help you understand how the most significant changes may affect you.

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Outsourced Accounting Services

Grow your business and improve accounting operations and business processes with BKD's outsourced accounting and other managed services. Contact us today.

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Credits & Incentives

Many state and local governments offer credits and incentives to help businesses start up, expand, or even remain within their borders. BKD can help identify the credits and incentives available for your business.

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BKD Private Client™

BKD Private Client provides sophisticated tax compliance, consulting, and planning services to individuals, families, businesses, fiduciaries, and more.

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International Tax

BKD has an experienced team of international tax professionals to complement the tax expertise of local partners throughout our offices.

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Cost Segregation in Real Estate

A cost segregation study can help you accelerate depreciation tax deductions, enhancing your property’s financial return. Find out how BKD’s cost segregation professionals can help you identify tax savings embedded in your real estate holdings.

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Reportable Transactions

BKD can help clear confusion over reportable transaction disclosure and material advisor registration requirements, avoiding significant penalties, and providing you peace of mind.

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Schedule K-1 Instructions

国税局说明Schedule K-1 explain how to report your share of income, credits, deductions, and more. Whether you are a partner, member, S-Corp, or more, download your K 1 Instructions from our website now.

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State & Local Tax

At BKD, our state and local tax professionals can help you through the challenging tax world. Whether you do business in one state or several, you know how difficult state income, franchise, and property taxes can be.

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Strategic Alliance Program

BKD's Strategic Alliance Program allows participating firms to tap into the expertise of a national CPA and advisory firm without investing in the resources required to build specialty practices.

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