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Whether you’re looking to manage costs and day-to-day core process challenges or explore capital planning options, BKD can help. Our trusted advisors deliver tailored solutions to help you simplify your life and build on your success. We provide audit, assurance, and tax services as well as guidance on hedge accounting, cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, technology solutions, international tax, and succession planning. In addition, our big data and analytics benchmarking services provide valuable information to help businesses control costs and improve performance.

作为海拔最大的成员之一,AISBL——全球会计alliance—BKD also has access to international expertise. Our experience and resources can help you maintain compliance, stretch your dollar, and plan for the future. Learn more about our manufacturing and distribution accounting and consulting services below and let us know how we can help shoulder the load.

BKD Commercial Services Economic Summit BKD Commercial Services Economic Summit

Audit, Accounting, & Assurance

财务分析比以往任何时候都更复杂。BKD Trusted Advisors.可以帮助您满足您的审计,会计和保证需求。

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Does your organization need assistance with its employee benefit plan? Are you looking to mitigate opportunities for fraud or theft in your business? Do you need assistance with finding the right IT solution? Are you planning for your future, professionally or personally?

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Lease Accounting

Need help implementing lease accounting standards? We’ve got you covered. BKD’s comprehensive three-part solution can help you implement lease standards with ease. BKD LeaseVision can use artificial intelligence (AI) and other tools when appropriate to extract key lease terms from various lease types, a road map to help provide an in-depth process framework, and an Excel template to help perform calculations and develop lease amortization schedules.

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There is no one-size-fits-all ESG program because every organization faces unique issues and risks.BKD Trusted Advisors.™有信息要帮助您定义ESG,请解释其潜在效果,描述各种ESG框架,详细报告,并开始构建您的程序。

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Credits & Incentives

Many state and local governments offer credits and incentives to help businesses start up, expand, or even remain within their borders. BKD can help identify the credits and incentives available for your business.

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BKD Technologies

BKD Technologiescan help you improve your business with software solutions. Whether you're selecting a new system, implementing it, or maintaining it, our advisors have the expertise and resources to assist your company's digital transformation.

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BKD has an experienced team of international tax professionals to complement the tax expertise of local partners throughout our offices.

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